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We have selected Redken hair products at Icon Hair because great hairstyles come from great hair. Whether your hair needs strength, moisture, colour protection or softness, Redken Hair Care has the solution. Personalised chemistry treatments ensure your hair leaves the salon with optimum strength and shine. The extensive homecare range is prescribed by your educated stylist to ensure the results are maintained at home.

Guaranteed to be the genuine article, you can be rest assured you are not purchasing a fake. Limited edition stylers are added to the collection 4 times a year with the basic styler available year round. Ghd protective sprays are also available for your hair care at home.




KeraStraight's trilogy of treatments cater for all your hair repair, smoothing, straightening and conditioning needs. KeraStraight treatments offer you manageability and huge time saving benefits compared to other in-salon treatments.

Infinite Shine Lacquer delivers ultra-rich, vivid colour in unique OPI shades. It is an innovative service option for manicures, pedicures and enhancements.


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